Drilling bits for the oil and gas industry

Optimal size and product line of suitable roller cone bit for oil and gas wells are chosen depending upon drilling stages and casing types.

  • Grand (GRD)
  • GrandPro (GRPD)
  • GrandXtreme (GRDX)
  • Motor (MTR)
  • MotorPro (MTRP)
  • SlimHolePro (SLHP)
  • Standart (STD)

For oil and gas production VBM also offers bits with steel or matrix bodies and polycrystalline diamond cutters (PDC).

  • FastDrill (FD) bits
  • FastDrillMatrix (FDM) bits
  • SideTrack (SD) bits
  • WiperTrip (WT) bits
  • BicentricDrill (BD) bits
  • CoreBits (CB) bits

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