In 1997 Volgaburmash JSC initially implemented and certified its Quality Management System (QMS). Since then the QMS has been maintained and continuously developed. Our products are certified for compliance with the technical regulations of the Customs Union and meet the requirements of State Standards GOST 20692 and GOST 26474.

Over an extended period of time compliance of VBM QMS with the requirements of API Spec. Q1 and ISO 9001, as well as product compliance with API Spec. 7-1 has been successfully confirmed by annual American Petroleum Institute (API) audits, on the basis of which certificates and the API Monogram License have been renewed. On October 20, 2022 the American Petroleum Institute informed its clients about the termination of operations in the Russian Federation due to legislative restrictions amid a complicated political situation. Despite the consequent formal withdrawal of the certificates previously issued by API, VBM undertakes to maintain full actual compliance with the requirements of API Q1, as well as API Spec.7-1.

In May 2023, Volgaburmash JSC successfully passed the certification audit of QMS for compliance with the requirements of:

  • GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001:2015) - its status can be checked here
  • INTI S.QS.1-2020 (it's a QMS standard newly developed by the Russian Institute of Oil and Gas Technological Initiatives, as an API Q1 9th Edition alternative) - its status can be checked here

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